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I’m delighted to be announce that in 2018 I’ll be partnering with ZSL for our seventh year (!) to run wildlife photography courses at London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo. These courses have been awesome fun since we started them, provided all kinds of photographic opportunities for all levels of photographers, and, for me, always deliver a fun, keen group of people who are easy to work with.

These classes provide an informal, inspirational environment that won’t only help attendees get great shots on the day, but take techniques away that will produce great shots wherever they go.

We start with a classroom session, during which you’ll learn the key elements of a successful photograph, and the techniques and tricks you can use to get them. We’ll cover the technical and creative sides equally – after all, it’s no good knowing the ins and outs of a good exposure if you can’t recognise a good shot when one’s in front of you.We’ll then head into the zoo for a day of photography. Both London and Whipsnade zoos have a wealth of fantastic subjects so we won’t be struggling for things to shoot, and I’ll be on hand to catch mistakes and make sure our classroom session hasn’t gone to waste.

Who are these courses aimed at?
These courses are designed to cover all ranges of photographer: the requirement is a bit of energy, an open mind and above all a passion for travel and wildlife. The intermediate days are a blast for beginners, who’ll learn what every button on their camera does and how to use it, while expert level days are perfect for those who know the ins and outs of the perfect exposure and want to perfect their technique, experiment creatively, or try out new kit ahead of a dream departure somewhere exotic.

Ideally, you’ll be on your first or second DSLR and have a basic knowledge of how to use it. A telephoto lens is also a good idea, and if you’ve dabbled with your camera’s manual modes before so much the better. But whether you’re an experienced photographer or a total beginner you’ll be able to get plenty from the day.

The morning was really informative, and the afternoon walkabout brought some great photo opportunities. You have a great relaxed manner and I even laughed at (some) of your jokes!

What kind of kit do I need to bring?
The most important thing is a passion for photography and wildlife. If you’ve got them you can get by with virtually any camera, although a DSLR and a telephoto lens are ideal to get the most from the day. I’d also love it if you could check that your camera is working and your batteries are charged the night before the workshop! Owners of mirrorless cameras with digital viewfinders: a spare battery is going to be your best mate!

Booking and questions
Dates are on sale now, and you can book through ZSL directly. Open-ended bookings are available if you’re buying the course as a gift for someone and don’t want to commit to a date right now.

If you have a question about the workshops, you can contact the Zoological Society of London’s experiences team at experiences@zsl.org, or me at workshops@davestevenson.co.uk.

See you there!